And now for something completely different (from my sick whining)

Friday morning. Blessedly, I am feeling a whole lot better this morning. Even with about an hour and a half of sleep last night. No, it wasn't from the congestion, which is almost gone, or the coughing, which wasn't bad, either. I just. Wasn't. Tired. How can this be? I had twitchy/itchy syndrome: I just couldn't sit still and just rest for the life of me. Well, I suppose once it gets extreme enough, my body will let me go to sleep. In aid of that noble cause, I'm going to take a slow half hour walk about two hours before I want to go to bed, which should put me out on the streets with my Brooks laced up about 8pm. I'm not sure how much fun it's going to be to be out walking at 8pm, but I'm willing to risk it in order to get some SLEEP. Am I obsessed with this? Possibly.

On a more positive note, I am feeling a hundred times better than I was even yesterday. I've got a lingering cough, but it's not bothering me too much, and a pretty unpleasant sore throat, which I'm managing with Advil and salt water gargling. TMI? Sorry about that!

One of the many blessings about feeling better is that I can actually start to focus on my pledge to take care of my health in 2004. To that end, I've stocked up on Glucerna products. I've got meal replacement shakes and bars, as well as snack shakes and bars, which I'm planning to use for breakfast and lunch for at least the next week or so. These products are specifically formulated to help control blood sugar for diabetics, so I'm hoping they'll help me get my numbers back where they're supposed to be. I'll be using DietToGo for dinners right now and the occasional lunch, too. Eventually, the plan is to get to Glucerna for breakfast and one snack a day with DietToGo for lunch and dinner, and my daily decaf, nonfat, one packet of Splenda latteas a second snack. (I'm restricting the lattes right now both because of my cold and because all of that milk packs a pretty good blood sugar wallop. I'll reintroduce them in a month, I think.) I am convinced that much of my misery with this cold has been because of my blood sugar woes and I know that I just, generally, feel poopy and low energy because of them, too. I'm so looking forward to feeling good again. I want to work on the cardio portion of my health program, too, but that's going to happen a little more slowly, I think. The stretching, though, is something I can probably do starting tonight, so that's one of my goals.

For this weekend (starting this morning), my goals are:
1. Eat my meal replacements exclusively except for dinner which can be either DietToGo or a healthy fast food option like Subway or Rubio's
2. Stretch for half an hour at least once
3. Go for at least one slow walk for half an hour

They might not seem like lofty goals, but they're a good place to start!


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