Better late than never

Tuesday afternoon. I totally forgot to write about my visit with my folks on Sunday. We hadn't seen each other since before Christmas, so they brought my gifts (I'd dropped mine for them off at their house on Thanksgiving) and we did lunch at Hometown Buffet. First, of course, they had to see my ring. You know, it's not the same as it was the first time I was engaged, because I'm not 24 anymore, and it's so much more special for me this time around, it's just that there's none of that giddy, girly, "whoo hooo, I'm engaged and I'm so special" stuff that happened last time. Both of my parents admired my ring (Mom's comment was, "you'd better get that thing appraised and insured, Denise!") and congratulated me, but there were no questions or plans for the wedding, no asking what I was going to wear, etc. In a way, I think that part of me is let down that no one seems to be very excited for us. I have a bad feeling it's because people don't think we're going to go through with it, which makes me very sad. I know that there are a lot of obstacles in our way but shouldn't we get the benefit of the doubt? Am I being oversensitive? Probably. After the ring viewing, I opened my presents. I got lots of scented candles and candle holders (a hint?), a book of crossword puzzles, and Barbara Bush's newest book. Pretty neat to be getting presents in the middle of January! Finally, we went to lunch, which was yummy. I love Hometown Buffet for the people watching opportunities, let alone all of the food choices. There was this wonderful lady wearing a fabulous gold lame trimmed hat with an ivory suit and gold accessories, and the man next to us that piled his plate up with nothing but lima beans and corn (twice), and the dear little old lady at the veggie bar who told everyone who'd listen that she was 92. You just don't find entertainment like that any old where.

OK, now I'm really going home!


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