Bored, boring, blah

Tuesday afternoon. Nothing exciting to report, really. I found a new website that I like, which is always nice. Amy is expecting her second child in a few months and I felt so inspired while I was reading about her successes in weight loss and becoming healthy. Go on over and check out her adorable "bump" (she's posted a picture on today's post).

Chris is home from work today because he had his aching tooth removed this morning. He gave me all of the gory (and they definitely were gory!) details, which I won't share with you. Suffice it to say that he's relieved to have it out and feeling a wee bit whacked out from the anesthetic. No work for him today and possibly not tomorrow, either. Poor baby!

I desperately need to get my hair cut and my brows waxed. To give you some perspective, I haven't had my hair cut since before the car break in and fires in October and I can't even remember the last time I had my brows waxed. I'm just so fed up with being frumpy and dumpy and, I'll confess, I'm secretly hoping that doing these two little things will help get me up and moving again.

I think I've picked up a case of paranoia in dealing with this whole extended cold thing. After a day (yesterday) of feeling really wonderful, with no signs of sore throat or cold or anything, I'm starting to feel a little twinge of pain in the back of my throat today and I've been sort of sniffling, too. I swear that if one of the people at work that came in sick gave me something else while my immune system is non existent, I'm going to have to hurt someong. I stayed home for nearly a week, both to keep others from horning in on my happiness and to help my healing process, so why can't everyone else do the same??? I'm hoping this is just an allergy thing or something equally benign, but I'm worried and I hate that.

Time to go home, blessedly. I know I haven't been particularly fascinating lately, and I'm sorry for that. I think, no, I know, that being sick has sucked a lot of the enjoyment out of me. I'll try, really and truly, to snap out of it quickly.


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