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Sunday night. I'd like to preface my comments with the fact that I haven't slept for any appreciable amount of time since Thursday night. Keeping that in mind, I'd like to echo what Danelle is talking about on her site. It's really freaky sometimes, writing and writing, and not hearing a whole lot about what I write. Now, I'll grant you that much, if not most, of what I write is pretty banal, but isn't that the point? Has the blogging thing gotten so rarified that if you're not posting something of historic or political or literary significance that there's no point in acknowledging it?

According to Site Meter, I get about 20 hits a day, a number which astounds me. I mean, I was giddy (no kidding!) when I told Chris that and showed him my site again over the holiday. There are 20 people out there in the whole, huge world that read what I have to say. Me. Denise. That is so completely gratifying. Gratifying, and terrifying, too. Terrifying because it makes me feel that I have to write something, even when nothing inspires me. It's been especially tough since the fires and theft of my training equipment, right around Halloween. I've been in a terrible funk, with nothing positive to say about my weight (I'm gaining), my marathon training (on indefinite hold), or my life in general.

I started this site, way back in April, to release the negative feelings I was having about myself and to spew to a blank canvas those things that I was too shamed to say to anyone I knew in real life. Somewhere along the way, I found out that there were actually people reading what I had to say, and that changed this site forever.

What I want, now, is to change things again. I know that I haven't made it particularly easy to participate in what I have going on, for the simple reason that I haven't had anything much going on. I'm going to give it my very best try to make my life, and this site, a whole lot more interesting, richer in content, and to make them stand for something. In return, I'd like to ask all of you, my loyal 20 readers, to pipe up, regularly, and tell me what you think about what I've said, what I'm doing, or where I'm going. I'll do the same with all of you, assuming that I know who you are (which, of course, I can't know unless you tell me). We could even have discussions across sites, which would be interesting and thought provoking, I'm sure.

I'll tell you this for free, though, I'm so proud to be part of a community as diverse and active as this one is. To know that there might be people from other countries, countries that I've never even visited, that have read something I've written is exhilarating and I'm endlessly grateful for the technology that makes it possible.

OK, now is your chance to tell me what you think about what I've said. You know what to do, right? Just put your finger on the mouse, click on the "Comments" link, and let it flow. I am anxiously awaiting your insights.


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