It seemed like a good idea at the time, or, Why You Should Never Post an Emotionally Charged Plea When You're Not Feeling Well

Tuesday morning. From the fact that I'm posting at 3:45am, you should be able to guess at how wiped out and poopy feeling I am right now. I can't sleep and thought I'd check my email to see what I'd missed since Sunday night. I am overwhelmed by the response, both in the comments and through email. I don't regret any of what I said, because it was how I was feeling at the time, but I do regret that I didn't sleep on it and give some thought to the tone and content. I have a very loyal core of readers who take the time to write to me all the time and, it appears, I have a loyal core of readers that take the time to come and read what I have to say, although they don't leave a trace. What I've realized is that both groups are equally involved, and that, much as I do most days, you pick and choose where to leave a comment, mostly based on which subjects get under your skin.

So, I really appreciate the thoughts of those that responded and the loyalty of those that don't comment, but read regularly. (To lisushi, who just happened upon me the day I decided to go all Sally Fields-y and needy, I promise that it does get better!) I'm going to try to respond to everyone, either here or in a private email, once I'm feeling better. Until then, it's back to the battle against the common cold!


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