Life just looks better when you get some sleep

Saturday afternoon. Well, I didn't do so well on my resolution to eat well, but...I did sleep for about four hours last night. Yessssssssss! I would be happier with more sleep, but even the amount that I had was a wonderful thing. Then, today, I took a two and a half hour nap which left me feeling so refreshed that I can't stand myself. Yes, I'm still coughing and a wee bit congested, but I slept and that makes a huge difference in how I'm feeling.

Talked to Chris for a little while (what a surprise, huh?). He and his mom went shopping, supposedly just for a new joystick for his computer, and he said something to the effect of "oh, yeah, we'll be home WAYYYYYYYYYY before 4 o'clock". Well, I called the house just before 4 o'clock (his time, not mine), which is when I woke up from my long nap, and there was no answer. I called his cell and, lo and behold, there was the love of my life. (Note: No cellphone known to mankind gets a signal at Chris' house. Don't ask why, just accept it, as I have.) I said, "I thought you were going to be home by 4 o'clock, Sweetheart?" to which he replied, without a hint of shame, "Well, we went to WalMart!". I KNEW it! Those two are dangerous, I tell you! Over the holidays, they would get up at like 3 o'clock in the morning, drive 45 minutes each way, just to shop for Christmas gifts at WalMart. They did this multiple times. Crazy, I tell you! Anyway, Chris was adamant before they left that they were just going to Office Depot, to get his joystick, and, if they couldn't find one there, they'd go to Circuit City, but definitely no WalMart. Hah! People say that women are shopaholics, and I definitely lend credence to that, but the male of the species is not immune to the shopping bug, especially not mine. (I love you, Sweetheart, just in case you're reading this!)


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