Sometimes, nothing is the best thing of all

Sunday evening. Well, I have accomplished next to nothing this weekend. I had such high hopes, and yet here I am, at the end of another weekend with nearly nothing done. Oh, well! I'm here, I'm feeling better every day (if only this wicked sore throat would go away!!!), and that's what's important. The rest of the "to do" list is just details. I have a wonderful fiance, a wonderful job, I am getting healthier with each passing day, and I have enough (more than enough, actually) food on my table. I am so blessed, and that's good to remember every once in a while.

Talked with my future mother in law, Jeanette, for a little while today. It happened while I was talking with Chris. I had asked him last week to get current on all of the family gossip with his mom so that he could pass it on to me. He said that he would but, of course, he did not, so, when I asked him this morning what was up with a certain extended family member, he just handed the phone over to his mom and said, "Tell her what's going on with so-and-so, please", and, with that, I was passed over to his mom. She is such a great lady...strong, in mind, body, and spirit, and such a warm and friendly soul, too. She is all about her family and her friends, and yet, so many of them take her for granted and take advantage, too. It makes me mad because that's just the way so many people in the world operate and it's just not fair. Anyway, we gabbed for the better part of an hour, with her telling me lots of the things that are frustrating her right now and some of the hurtful things people have done to her, and I just want to go back there and shake a few people until I hear a rattling sound from the spot their brains should be in. It was nice, though, at the end of our conversation, she told me that she was glad we'd talked and that I'd cheered her up. You know, that just about broke my heart for some reason. She has no daughters, or daughters-in-law (unless you count the no-account woman her younger son is married to, which no one does), and only one sister, so I think she sort of misses out by not having a close female friend. I told Chris that I feel like I should start calling and talking to her on a more regular basis, sort of like I do with my mom. Mom and I have a deal whereby I call her once a day, no matter where I am, and she doesn't fret about me, freak out and call at inopportune moments, or get lonely and feel unloved. I wouldn't call Jeanette every day, but perhaps a couple of times a week wouldn't be a bad thing. What a blessing it is, to be able to enjoy conversations with your (future) mother-in-law. My first husband's mother was a huge pain in the behind. She meddled in places she had no business being, was emotionally manipulative, and a professional passive/aggressive. I couldn't get close to her because we didn't have anything in common. I'm sure she'd be highly amused to hear that I'm so close to a country woman from SW Virginia, being that she was also a snob with delusions of superiority. I just keep thinking that I've enjoyed more laughs with Jeanette than I did in eight years of knowing my ex's mother and, as we all know, she who laughs last laughs loudest!


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