What comes around, goes around (again)

Friday morning. I've got another cold! I am so frustrated because I wanted to start the new year off healthy and following through on my resolutions for 2004 and, instead, I spent New Year's Day on the couch, under a comforter, drinking lots of fluids and feeling like poop. I know that this is, at least in part, because my diabetes is so out of control right now. My body is totally whacked because of the sugar it can't do anything with and that's impacting my ability to get and stay healthy. Did I mention how frustrated I am?

Things that I need to buy:

* Prescriptives Comfort Cleanser,
* Eufora Fortifi Strengthening Solution,
* Puffs Plus tissues, several boxes,
* new kitchen faucet, and,
* a security door for the front entry

Feeling as poopy as I do, though, I wouldn't bet the farm on anything getting done this weekend. Bleah!


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