Oh, how I've missed you!

Monday night. Yes, it's true, I really did miss each and every one of you lovely people over the weekend. Truly my Internet withdrawals were not a pretty sight. I can get email at home (via Outlook Express) but nothing else from the 'net. Devastating. I kept thinking, "wow, I need to go and write about this," and then I'd remember. I think what I'll do from now until I get Internet Explorer back on its feet is just keep my entries in WordPad over the weekend, email them to myself at work, then post them on Monday.

The quest for a healthier life was not advanced this weekend, sad to say. I'm attempting to change my outlook to a more positive one, so that's all that I'm going to say on that topic. I did join Curves on Friday night and will be going for my first workout tonight, so that's a positive. I did not, however, go to the Overeaters Anonymous meeting later on Friday because I psyched myself out. I have gotten the address for a meeting tonight, in my neighborhood, and am determined to go. Must get this under control!

Work is so strange. I wish that I could post the organizational change email that we got today (with my commentary added) but, of course, I cannot. Suffice it to say that, as I told Chris on his break today, "some got promoted, some got demoted, and some, well, some just got moted and we're still not sure if it's a good thing or bad." I swear, I'm convinced that Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) worked at VLSCI at one point.


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