Once more, with feeling!

Monday morning. Well, it's been a little over a month since my last cold, so it must be time for another go-round. Just in time for my (planned) trip to Virginia to see Chris. I left work Friday night feeling tired and a little stuffy, but not terribly worried about it. By the time I woke up Saturday morning, I couldn't breathe through half of my nose and had a pounding headache to go with. I spent the majority of both days this weekend resting, even though I had great plans to clean the house (which is a wreck) and do laundry (because I don't have much left to wear). I did have to run out to Target Saturday afternoon, though, because I needed Kleenex and a few other household items and I knew that I wouldn't be in the mood to go anywhere once the cold tightened its grip on me. Blah!

The weekend was such a waste, too, because I missed the opportunity to curl up with a blankie and a good book while watching the rain. For those not from southern California, let me explain that such a weekend is almost unheard of here. Down here in San Diego, we generally average less than nine inches of rain a year and we got nearly an inch and a half just yesterday alone. Sadly, for those whose property was ravaged by October's fires, this means mudslides. For those in the beach communities, it probably means flooding and sewage spills. For me it just meant that I missed out on this rare opportunity because my head was so clogged up that I couldn't concentrate on reading, much less enjoy it. Gah!

In closing, I've also discovered that I've got some short term financial problems, too. Grrrr. This is what happens when you combine profligate spending with a complete lack of interest in balancing your checkbook. I have this wonderful system whereby I spend whatever I feel like and just check my bank balance when the mood strikes me. Bad, Denise, bad! What happens, eventually, is that I end up sweating bullets, planning two weeks worth of survival down to the penny, and contemplating having to sell some of my VLSCI options at a price roughly halfway between our 52 week high and 52 week low. This is not good (says the master of understatement).

I think I'm going to go home early and sleep until I feel better or until the Angels win the World Series. On second thought, if I'm not back by Thursday, will someone feed my kitties?


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