Small, attainable goals

Friday night. OK, so my computer at home is currently experiencing difficulty, which means I probably won't be posting over the weekend unless I fire up my laptop and connect via dial up. (Not likely!) I just wanted to let you all know because I'm certain you'd be fretting until Monday otherwise. Ha ha ha!

Anyway, I didn't binge out for dinner last night (good) but also didn't get in any exercise (needs work). Today I've already been on the treadmill downstairs for my 40 minutes, so that's out of the way. I'm headed to Curves in a few minutes to check it out, then it's off to Overeaters Anonymous to see if the folks there have anything to say that I can relate to. If they are all anorexics or bulimics and I'm twice the size of anyone else in the room, I'll be looking for another meeting pretty quickly. (No offense to anyone suffering from either of those eating disorders, because I know they are devastating, too, I just don't think I could handle being the only one who's fat.)

Speaking of fat, as I was stopped at a red light last night, several teenaged boys loitering on the corner started yelling "cow" at me. I ignored them, kept staring straight ahead, and suddenly remembered how it felt to be a fat teenager. (Note that "fat" in 1980's Orange County, California meant that I weighed 120lbs at 5'2", which is toward the low end of my weight chart, but, whatever!) All of the hurt and insecurity came back until I remembered that I wasn't a teenager anymore and that I had a real job, a real house (not my parents!), commitments, responsibilities, and that I didn't particularly care what a bunch of punk kids with bright futures in front line fast food production think or say about me. With that thought, I headed off to Subway and got a club on wheat, no cheese, no mayo, no oil, extra veggies with vinegar. Mmmm...yummy!

Weeks until Rock and Roll Marathon: 18
Exercise yesterday: None
** NEW ** Goals / Rewards:
* Finish Rock and Roll Marathon - in any amount of time / Buy Boden coat
* Get my binge eating under control by March 8 / Get a massage at the Flamingo Hilton


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