So darned uninspired

Wednesday afternoon. Well, it's official: I won't be feeling my sweetheart's arms around me tomorrow night. I called Untied (intentionally spelled that way!) to postpone my trip due to inclement health. Funny thing is, as Chris just pointed out on the phone, I probably wouldn't have gotten there until Friday anyway, because that entire area is supposed to get heavy snow and accumulations of up to 8". I'm sure that the locals would have gotten a kick out of a native southern Californian trying to traverse the highways out there in the middle of that, but I don't think I would have and I know that my mother wouldn't have. Much as I am disappointed that I won't be there, I think, perhaps, this is yet another sign that I just wasn't supposed to be with Chris this weekend. I'm thinking about Easter weekend instead, which will be lots of fun!

I just can't think of anything exciting to write about today. I know that my loyal readers are probably thinking to themselves, "how would that be any different from every other day, Denise???" Still and all, this lack of creative inspiration troubles me. I hope it's not the beginning of writer's block or some other nefarious thing. I have enough mental health issues with my addictive personality, borderline ADD thing, binge eating disorder, and depressive episodes. Gosh, now that I've typed that all out, I sound pretty messed up. Bummer.

I really hate not having any money. I've got this overwhelming urge to buy myself some new clothes before my conference in Vegas in less than two weeks, but I can't, and it's making me anxious. The real problem is that I've gained so much weight since last October (the last conference I attended) that I've gained two dress sizes, making my available wardrobe somewhat inadequate for the conference. I've basically been wearing stretch pants and long, oversized tunics for the last month, and that just isn't going to cut it with the business folks. The easiest answer would be, of course, to diet and exercise my little heart out, but that doesn't seem likely given my current state of mind. I'm hoping that I'll be able to cobble together four outfits (possibly repeating the jacket) from what I've got and, if not, well, they'll just have to take me as they find me. Grrrr.


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