These Brooks are made for walking

Monday afternoon. If I'm not careful, this healthy living thing might get to be a habit! I went for a 45 minute walk yesterday and felt wonderful afterwards. Do you realize that I've worked up a sweat for more than 30 minutes on each of the last four days? Yikes! Next week I start my four month marathon training program, so this has to be a pretty quick ramping up, although I'm sure I'm still going to be sore once the longer distances kick in.

I didn't watch the Super Bowl, so I missed the whole hoopla about the half time show. I don't think I'm sorry, either.

I just talked to Tracy and it looks as though I'll be going to Spring Training in Phoenix with her at the end of March. We have a four year old tradition of going out for a weekend and catching as many games while we're there as we can. This visit it looks as though we'll be able to see all of our favorites: Padres (both), Giants (Tracy), and Angels (me). Her father lives in Phoenix, so that makes things a lot easier as far as logistics. I'm going to see if I can find a really fun convertible to rent for the weekend (since I don't have to pay for a hotel).

OK, Tony wants to make a Starbucks run, so enough from me for today.

Weeks until Rock and Roll Marathon: 18
Exercise yesterday: 45 minutes walking
Days on plan: 5
Goals / Rewards:
* Finish Rock and Roll Marathon in 7:45 or less / Buy Boden coat
* Lose 11 pounds by March 9 / Get a massage at the Flamingo Hilton


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