Wonderful things I received from my fiancé today

Tuesday evening. Sitting on my desk, partially obstructing my view of the file cabinets directly in front of my office, is a vase containing 12 long stemmed red roses interspersed with purple heather, to which two little stuffed bears carrying conversations hearts have been tied with pink and purple ribbons. I love it! I am an unapologetic romantic, someone who has always gone out of my way to make the person I am with feel incredibly special and appreciated on Valentine's Day, regardless of how I have been treated in return. I have finally found myself a man who outdoes me. The little bears are so cute! You pull them apart and they make a kissing noise, then one bear says to the other, "I loooooooooove you!" Simply adorable! Most wonderful of all is that he used my little pet name for him on the card. I won't say what the name is, so as not to further emasculate the poor man, let us just say that when I first started using it, he would groan and say something about what a nut case I was. Recently, I could tell that he liked it because he just laughed and didn't groan, and then about a week ago, he actually paused after I'd said it and said, "And you're mine!" I just melted. This big grumbly rumbly bear of a man with shoulders wider than most airline seats and mitts so big that my kitty Abby could probably sit comfortably in his palm likes my silly pet name for him. That, truly, is the best Valentine's present ever!!!

I really don't have anything positive to say about my healthy living initiative, so I'm just going to skip it. I will say that Shannin said something on our eDiets support board that I think is right on the money, to whit, I'm taking on too much at once. Curves, OA, meditation, etc, might all be too much, especially given my need for perfection. I'll give that some more thought tonight and, perhaps, post some ideas tomorrow.

In the meantime, everyone be good to one another and remember that nothing is ever really impossible until we stop trying!


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