The best laid plans...

Saturday morning. The astute among you will note with surprise that I am posting when I specifically said that I wouldn't be back until Monday, and you will be correct. It turns out that the cobb salad at a certain fast food restaurant is not only really bad for your weight, but it can also give you a wicked case of food poisoning.

I was feeling OK prior to getting to the airport, and even made a special guest appearance at work for the big meeting to discuss our department's latest personnel changes, then I ate said salad and, about 30 minutes later, things got ugly. I was in line with the "A" boarding group (gee, which airline was I flying with?) when I started sweating profusely, got terribly nauseous, and felt unsteady on my feet. I walked toward the bathroom but, because there's only one bathroom once you're past security and there are seven gates full of women needing to use it, there was a really long line. I tried to be patient and stand in the line because the line for security was wrapped up like a ride at D1sneyland and my flight was supposed to be leaving in about 45 minutes. Much as I tried, I just couldn't stand and wait, so I went outside the security line and proceeded to get very sick in an airport bathroom. By the time I was able to stand up and put one (wobbly) foot in front of the other, my flight was boarding. It was time to make a decision and I did. I'm sorry, but traveling while I'm not feeling well just didn't sound like a good thing to me, so I went to the ticket counter, told the agent what was going on, and he cancelled my ticket and gave me a copy of my confirmation number, which I can use for another flight for a year. I called Tracy and her father (who was to pick me up), then crawled to the shuttle pick up area and , when I got to my car, I just curled up and slept for about an hour. I felt horrible and I just couldn't face trying to drive in that condition. I slept some more when I got home, and had white rice made with fat free chicken broth for dinner. It seemed to settle things down a bit, and we'll just see how things go today.

So, how was your Friday???


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