I get by with a little help from my friends

Tuesday evening. Well, it's my last evening of freedom, folks. Tomorrow morning, I'm back to work and...starting my all new, super duper, and improved morning schedule. Here's how it looks:

5am - Up and off to walk for an hour
6:30am - Get home, make brekkers, call Chris, and watch CNN
7:30am - Off phone, downstairs to get ready (including hair and makeup every day!)
8:30am - Off to work (whee!)
9am - At desk, looking bright and happy to be there
5:30pm (MWF) - Leave for Curves / (TTh) - Leave for home
6pm (TTh) - Get home, do half hour Tamilee Webb stretching DVD
6:30pm - Put dinner in microwave (DietToGo)
7:30pm - Meditate for half hour
8pm - Watch TV for an hour
9pm - Get ready for bed
9:15pm - Chris calls on way home from work
9:45pm - Off phone, go to sleep

Now, doesn't that sound exciting? You betcha! I'm even thinking about imposing a TV blackout during dinner, using the dining room table, real plates, glass drinking recepticles, cloth napkins, and candles. I mean, honestly, I got all of that stuff (except the plates, because my ex has my china with my blessing!) for my wedding and I never use any of it unless I host dinner at my house, which has happened about five times since my divorce in 1998. I've got it, I should use it. Besides, I keep hearing that you should make every dinner special and not just save up your "good" things for special occasions. We'll see how that goes, however.

I really appreciate the supportive comments and emails I've gotten from yesterday's post. I'm feeling a lot better today, especially since I just found a balance in my checking account of over $200. I'm not sure how that got there, because, by my calculations it should have been less than $20. This is what you get for being so remiss in keeping up with your finances, I fear! In any case, it's wonderful to know that I've got such a great group of online friends. Thanks, ladies.


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