I'm leaving on a jet plane

Monday morning. I'm about 18 minutes from leaving for the airport for my week-long adventure in Vegas with accountans. WooHoo! I'm not entirely sure how many times I'll be able to post while I'm gone because my connection will be 56K (HORROR!) and it's notoriously flaky. Know that I'll be thinking of each and every one of you, constantly, while I'm gone.

I'm a little melancholy this morning. For those who aren't long-time readers, yesterday was supposed to be a special day for me. The 2004 City of Los Angeles Marathon wound its way through the streets of the city and I was supposed to be among the thousands huffing and puffing their way along its route. So many regrets, some guilt, lots of remembering how good my 13 mile walk the week prior to the fires felt, and too many moments of wishing I could turn back time and enjoy that last walk more. I know I'll do the Rock n Roll in June, but it will be much slower and it won't be LA. I wanted LA, I want it still. One day...one day.


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