In which our heroine returns from the City of Sin with her morals (mostly) intact

Saturday morning. I got home yesterday about 3:30pm, absolutely wiped out from my four days in Vegas, and very glad to be home. It's a weird thing about living in San Diego, I'm always a little regretful about leaving wherever my vacation has taken me until I start seeing all of the landmarks of this wonderful city I live in, and then my thoughts change and I realize that I'm one of the luckiest people in the world to have such a great place to come home to.

I had quite a few little adventures while I was gone. I'm not going to write a huge entry that no one except me would be interested in, though, so I'll just summarize briefly:

* Won $150 with four pulls of the slot machine handles on the first night
* Danced at Margaritaville with the most adorable father of a college freshman I've ever met (he's someone from the conference, so nothing freaky there)
* Fell in love with the dancing water at Bellagio
* Got the nickname "Trouble" from seven really wonderful men (more guys from the conference, most of whom I've known for years)
* Saw at least five escorts with their clients. One of them we weren't sure about until we heard this from the lady in question, "So, what did you say your name was?" Uh huh
* Watched one of the guys I was with be approached and then propositioned by a more than slightly drunk woman. Her line? "I only talk to the best looking men in the house." I just love that, don't you?
* Averaged about two miles of walking every night. The Strip may not look long, but you can't walk in a straight line from one point to another. It's all about the stairs up to the elevated walkway, through the casino, then down to another walkway that takes you back to the sidewalk. Seriously, even the guys' legs were hurting by Friday!
* Received (didn't ask for) an action item that means I need to go to the conference in Portland this summer. Even with the work involved (which is not inconsiderable), I'm still excited because I love Portland and I really enjoy going to these conferences, mostly because the people involved are such wonderful folks.

Today is going to be all about the vegetation for me. I need to do some laundry, but that will wait until tomorrow. I'm actually thinking about going to a movie today, although I'm not sure what I want to see. I'm in the mood for lighthearted fun, so it's off to the movie sites to see what I can see.

UPDATE: Sadly, it looks as though there is nothing out right now that fits my criteria, so I'm going to try to get "Under the Tuscan Sun" from Blockbuster instead.


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