So darned uninspired

Friday night. I'm still at work, dinking around with the computer. I've been getting things ready for my business trip next week all day today, along with giving my last mid-year review and attending a management team meeting from 3-4:30. On a Friday, no less. I've just sync'd up my laptop so that it will hopefully (fingers crossed, St. Jude candle burning) allow me to check my email next week while I'm gone. It is always such a pain when I can't check my email for a week, especially when I'll be "on the clock", so to speak.

I'd love to write something truly inspired and inspirational tonight but, I fear, it's not to be. I'm going to blame my lack of creative spark on my sleep situation this week. I wrote earlier this week about wanting to switch to a new schedule, one that had me getting up at 5am to walk. One problem with that schedule is that I don't seem to be getting up before 6am. Another problem is that, although I'm getting up at 6am instead of 7 or 7:30, I'm still not falling asleep until 11:30. About noon every day, I just get the worst case of the yawns. (Interesting note: I just yawned as I was typing that. The power of suggestion at work!) In any case, I need to get some sleep tonight and, regardless of what Chris suggests (sorry, Sweetheart!), I'm sleeping in tomorrow morning.

Someone at work today made a suggestion to the effect that Martha Stewart would be becoming intimate friends with women named Bertha and Wanda, but I'm fairly certain she'll be doing her time (and yes, she will be doing time) at Club Fed with Michael Milken and all of the other financial criminals. Still, it's definitely not a good thing. I don't watch her show, nor do I read her magazine, but it still saddens me to think that she's going to go to jail and probably ruin her company all for a $50,000 loss. Come on! The woman's worth millions and she's willing to risk jail for $50,000? Just sad.


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