Some days, there's just not much to say

Wednesday evening. I truly hope that you did not come here expecting something interesting or enlightening today. If I promise to snap out of my stress- and sorrow-induced fog soon, will you come back tomorrow to see if it's happened? Please???

I could very easily have titled today's post "Work", because that's all that I have been about today. I'm starting to feel really overwhelmed but my boss is in it even worse than I am and there's just no one here to hand it off to right now. This isn't, technically, our busy season, but you'd never know it from the managers' workloads. This is planning, budget, and project resourcing season and it is not my favorite time of year. Lots of playing with the project estimator spreadsheet. Lots of talking to (internal) customers about projects they want us to commit to before we've even had a chance to run through any numbers on how much time it will take us. Lots of coordinating our department's efforts to finish up action items from a recent conference. Too much stuff, not enough time. Simple, really.

When you combine that with not enough exercise and not so good eating, it's just not a pretty picture, folks. Oh yeah, and did I mention that I still haven't done any laundry since I got home from Vegas? Ugh! I have to do at least a load of it tonight or face having, literally, nothing to wear tomorrow.

On the positive side, my friend, Tracy, and I are planning a trip to a health spa and, possibly, a side trip to LA, over the week before Memorial Day. I cannot wait! I am going to have a massage and a facial and take long walks around town and in the hills in the morning and sleep the peaceful, dreamless sleep of the just and the tired. Come on May!!!


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