What a long, strange week it's been

Thursday night. Today is my last day of work for the week, although I'll be coming in for a critical communications meeting tomorrow morning before my flight, and I'm just wiped out. If I had my druthers, I'd so be staying here for the weekend and just vegetating. I suppose it's probably for the best, however, that I'll be getting some sun and fresh (hot!) air out in Phoenix instead. Hibernating sounds perfect but I doubt that it would bring about the best results long term.

In addition to the trauma/drama in my personal life, things at work took an interesting turn, too. My boss is moving to another position in our division, one of my peers will be my boss when I get back from my long weekend, and I might have to take over a different team now that she's movin' on up. Lots to process for my already overloaded brain. Additionally, and it doesn't bother me unduly, although it's something to give some thought to, I was, essentially, passed over for the promotion. I had to say, when asked, that I'd have made the same decision, too, because I've not been giving it my all at work for a while. I think I had a lingering sense of ennui that wasn't helping me stay energized and positive about my job. That changed a few months ago, mostly because of some personnel changes which put more responsibility on me and actually energized me because I knew that I had to do it because no one else would. My boss basically acknowledged that, as well as my strong communication skills, and told me that he felt very strongly that I was doing a good job, but that she was better suited to the job at this point. As I said, I agree with him and, additionally, I'm not really sure I would want that position anyway, because it's a lot of responsibility and would have a definite effect on any life outside of work I try to establish in the future.

Anyway, I'm going home now, to curl up on the couch, get some laundry done, and get ready to fly tomorrow. I won't be posting until Monday, so do try to find something to tide you over in the meantime. (Ha, ha, ha!)


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