A different perspective

Thursday evening. I was reading another weight loss blog yesterday, and I apologize for not being able to remember which one, and the author made an analogy between hearing that a friend was allowing someone to abuse her and hearing that a friend was abusing her body by eating inappropriately. Her argument being that you would never tell someone being physically abused that it was OK and that they could just try harder tomorrow, you'd tell them to get the heck out of the situation before they got hurt, so you ought to feel the same way about someone abusing themselves with food. I'm not sure that I agree with her on that, and the two situations are worlds apart, but it did start me thinking.

What I do when I eat too much, or eat the wrong things, or don't exercise, is abuse - I am abusing my body. There are no bruises or scars, but my visible sign of abuse is my body itself. The size of my body is proof that it's being abused. I would never sit back and tacitly approve of a friend being abused by doing nothing to stop it, so why am I content to do just that when it comes to my own body? Surely I should love myself no less than my friends, right?

I will say that I'm doing better today, significantly better than yesterday, the day before, or any day since Saturday's little mishap. Something really seemed to click into place when I thought about the connection between abuse and my eating. I don't know if it will last and I'm not setting any long term goals, so it's just the next meal and the one after that will take care of itself.


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