A new recruit, reporting for duty

Friday morning. It's so beautiful here today. Robin's Egg blue sky, not a single cloud, a gentle breeze coming off the ocean, and the bright, lime green of the tree directly outside my office window all combining to make Denise a happy girl. I am blessed and I know it.

Let's all welcome Zanitta to the Immediate Challenge. ("Hi Zanitta!") New participants are always welcomed with open arms and happy smiles, so join us if you're so inclined.

You know, it always amazes me how much easier this whole "no more binges" thing gets once I'm past the initial discomfort. I'm not saying that it's Easy, but it's easy-er, and that's encouraging.

Once the challenge is over (next Friday), I'm going to try adding moderate exercise to the mix. I'm thinking about Curves 3x a week. We shall see how that goes, then add more, very gradually, as I'm able. The perfectionist person inside me wanted to add two cardio sessions to the initial prescription, too, but the wiser, more moderate (can you believe it???) person gently stepped in and suggested that starting out slow would probably give me a better chance of being successful. Success, even on a small scale, will help keep me motivated, and that will help me get where I eventually want to be.

Today is a very good day.

Days of abstinence: 3.3
Days left until May 1: 7


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