Not my finest moment

Friday afternoon. Um, I sort of lost my cool with two members of another team in our department. In my defense, they are somewhat challenging people to work with, even on a good day. Today was not, for me, a particularly good day.

* I've not been sleeping properly for weeks, and the time change has only made it worse. I am not a fun person to be around when I'm not getting enough sleep.
* I had a 90 minute conference call, which I was the originator and facilitator of, and which included representatives from about 20 of our fellow software developers. I had an agenda. I had a plan. It didn't go exactly as I'd planned (not a big surprise), still I was able to keep it (mostly) on topic. Very long 90 minutes. Very.
* Our deadline for a high level job description document was moved up from end of next week to today. We were told about this change yesterday morning. Unfortunately, I had already given the team working on building the document the next week deadline, which was what they were working toward. Of course, that meant sulking from that team, not to mention making sure (in writing) that everyone knew that I was the one who had changed the original deadline (not an accurate assessment), so that I could be properly painted as the "bad guy". Whatever.

Anyway, all of that was the prelude to my slightly unprofessional response to that group this afternoon. I'm not proud and it's not the way I generally conduct myself, so it's embarrassing. The worst part is that I'm sure those team members will disavow any knowledge or allegiance to this doc because I was snarky to them, even though I made all of the changes they were asking for. Some days, you just can't win.


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