Nothing much to say

Wednesday night. So many meetings, so little time. I cannot wait until this week is over. My days are solid meetings each day and we seem to get another major project that is due "by the end of the month" every time I turn around. Today, we had a three hour meeting. Three. Hours. We did have a Bio Break after 130 minutes, and I thought that was kind, but three hours is still too long to be in a conference room with no windows, an InFocus unit, and a laptop armed with multiple PowerPoint presentations. Ugh. You know, my degree was in English Lit - I should be explaining the importance of water as a theme in "The Sun Also Rises" or expounding on why Jane Austen was a feminist. How did my life become a huge techie geek fest?

Interesting weather shift today. Yesterday, we set a record for the highest temperature on record at 90 degrees, at the beach. When I got home last night, the house was a toasty 86. Overnight, however, a major storm front moved in. When I got home today, we had clouds everywhere, blustery winds, and I wanted to cuddle up with a throw on the couch. We don't have weather here in southern California. I think someone has mixed us up with the east coast or something. "Hey! Yes, you there in Virginia. I think you've got our mild, sunny weather and if you'll just pass it back over here, I'll gladly throw this changeable stuff in an envelope and FedEx it to you, OK?"

Anyone notice what I'm not talking about? Yes, that's right, that would be my eating. My explanation for that is simple: my mother always told me that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. My mother is always right. (Thanks, Mom!)


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