Shape up or ship out!

Wednesday evening. What a surprise (to me) to find that I didn't post yesterday. The only excuse I can offer is that yesterday was Meeting Day here at VLSCI with a whopping seven meetings in eight hours. Today wasn't much better, with five in eight, but it still felt like a huge relief after yesterday. Tomorrow, I will be a lady of leisure with only two meetings for work and one outside of work.

I also had to do one of those things that managers really don't look forward to yesterday. Not the really big thing that we don't like, but one of the little things that could, potentially lead to the bigger thing. Not fun.

What is fun, however, is that I have a whole day of abstinence from compulsive eating behind me and I'm four hours from having a second one on the books, too. My definition of abstinence is eating three nutritious meals a day plus a non fat, decaf latte, and not allowing myself to ever eat to the point of feeling sick. I'm not putting a calorie count on it, rather, I'm allowing myself the freedom to eat as much as I want as long as it's healthy and I don't feel completely full after eating. I'm not worrying about exercise right now, or my water (although I'm trying to get 64 ounces every day); I'll add those things to the mix once the food is more second nature. I'm not looking ahead to the probably very long road I've got to travel, I'm concentrating solely on today, this minute, this second, and not eating inappropriately. I have to tell you - it feels good.

With that said, however, I am going to try to join Yvonne on her Immediate Challenge. My/our goal is to get to May without going off the rails. I know that Yvonne is capable of this and I know that I am, too, with a little help. I'm actually looking forward to this, can you imagine?

Days of abstinence: 1.75
Days left until May 1: 9


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