So darned uninspired

Sunday afternoon. The oddest thing happened this morning: I slept until noon. Well, technically, my body thought it was 11am, but that's still wholly unheard of for me. I'm lucky if I can sleep until 9am most mornings, much less 11am. I don't know what's going on, but, obviously, my body needed a few extra hours. I have been feeling really loguey lately, so perhaps this will help me get some energy? Gosh, I hope so!

Not much else to say, honestly. Haven't done any housework (yet) this weekend. I did get my eyebrows done (bye bye Sasquatch!), and a manicure/pedicure, so I feel a lot more human now. I have a funeral to attend on Saturday for a work friend's grandmother, so I will need to wear stockings (it's in a small town in central California - very conservative!) and I was dreading it because I just knew that my horribly cracked heels would snag and make runs before I even left the house. Because the dry skin on my heels is Industrial Strength, it's not completely gone, but it sure does feel a lot better than it did yesterday. Besides, now I have cute little pink toenails! WooHoo.

Oh, and I did have a pretty exciting Friday evening. No, I didn't leave the house and do something sociable (please! You ought to know me better than that!!!), but I got a call from Shannin and we chatted for a couple of hours. You know how neat she sounds when you're reading her? She's about 10 times as much fun when you can hear her, too. Thanks for the sympathetic ear and great advice, Shannin!!!

Not sure what I want to do with the rest of my day. I simply must get some laundry done. Must. Or, I suppose, I could just go and buy more clothes...NO! Must get some laundry done. (Sigh.) And it's such a pretty day, too. Oh, well.


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