The worm turns

Wednesday morning. Sorry not to have posted since Sunday, but we had a little worm infestation issue at work and I've been out and about after work both Monday and Tuesday, so I just came home and crashed both nights. Nothing terribly exciting to report anyway, but I hate to just take off without warning.

So, the stupid worm thing has been really annoying. First, I got infected on Monday right after I got to work. I then spent most of the day cleaning paper off my desk (it was really clean for about a day) and fielding questions about a conference call I was hosting on Tuesday but which I couldn't send any information out for because my email was down. I eventually had to have my boss send out the call information, but she misspelled the email list so it bounced back, leaving almost no one with the information. Sigh. Adding to the fun, I had a meeting that went long Tuesday morning, so, by the time I was back at my desk, I had many frantic messages on my voice mail and several emails as well, asking about the meeting and how to call in. Fortunately, I was able to return all of the calls and emails in time for all concerned parties to get on the call, which went very well, I think.

Today, I have a process improvement meeting (which should be interesting), two one on one meetings with team members, and my team meeting. I need to put an agenda together for my team meeting (a new initiative we're trying, I'm not sure how well it's going to work for such an informal meeting, but I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt), sit down with one of my team members to get her up to speed on a project that I need her to roll out to the rest of the team, review some technical specs, and come up with a detailed agenda for the conference call I'm facilitating on Friday.

The call on Friday should be interesting. The attendees will be representatives of all of our competitor software products, and we're working together as an industry to set standards for implementation of a (fairly) new technology. Somehow, several years ago now, I was tapped to be the standards "expert" (although I call myself "Yoda"), and now I'm sort of the leader of this group, at least from the software development side of things. In any case, the call will probably have between 80 and 100 participants and will last no longer than 90 minutes. Basically, if I don't really watch it and keep the agenda on track, the whole thing could unravel and create a black hole of sidebar conversations from which the meeting will never recover. Better switch from decaf to full caf tomorrow morning!


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