And the story goes to...

Wednesday morning. Well, I'm not sure who the big "winner" is. Argyro (#10,001) admits that she might not have followed the rules to the letter (LOL!) and Dazed is #10,006, so I'm not sure what happened to #10,000 and 10,002-10,005. If you were any of those numbers, you have until the end of the day today to let me know, otherwise, Dazed, I'll be asking you for the first sentence of the story I'll be writing. (And to Jenniy who just missed it with #9,999, thanks for the super email - you were the first to tell me the good news!)

UPDATE: Whoever the big winner is, I think they have Internet service through either or If I'm reading my Sitemeter properly, I think 10,000 is AOL, 10,002 is using (thought they were gone!), 10,003 comes to us via, 10,004 looks like a very specific IP address that I won't publish here, and 10,005 is listed as If you can prove that you're either a Mindspring user or a user, you don't even have to show me a screen shot, just send me an email from one of those domains and I'll declare you the "winner".


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