Another day, another opportunity to celebrate!

Tuesday morning. OK, am I the only Blogger user that hasn't changed my template since their revamp? Yikes, I don't recognize most of my favorite sites anymore, although they all look great. I do like the new design of the Blogger site itself, and I'm slowly starting to poke around and try out all of the new goodies.

So, with that, here's an update on yesterday's happenings with the Ten Percent Challenge:

1. Eat Healthy Gourmet meals - YES, 100%

2. Exercise - Nope. I got home really late and had to go to bed early (have a 6am conference call I'm on right now)

3. Drink 100 ounces of water - I drank about 52 ounces, so just over half of my goal

4. Thirty minutes a day of meditation, prayer, or some kind of quiet time - Done!

5. Stretch all muscles twice a week - I'm planning to do this Tuesday and Thursday

6. Attend at least two OA meetings a week - See #2, I just didn't have the time or inclination last night. There's a meeting highly recommended by another OAer tonight at 6pm, so that's in the plan before I go to get my hair cut

7. Avoid negativity in my attitude toward myself and my journey to health - YES, and it feels sooooooooo good!

As I was reminding Dazed today, the Ten Percent Challenge is not a sprint, nor is it demanding of perfection or anything close to it. This is a leisurely stroll in the direction that we want to go, so that we can enjoy the journey and celebrate our victories. Accordingly, I think I might need to add another item to the list above...

8. Find something to celebrate about my life and the journey I'm on, each and every day - Yesterday, as I was going to bed, I realized how good I felt about myself, even in the face of what was, truly, a heinous day at work. Not that anything horrible happened, just a lot of things to be done, many meetings, and an overwhelming feeling that I'm not keeping up. The fact that I still felt good about myself and my life when I went to bed was a revelation.

Let's all go out today and find lots of things to celebrate!


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