Even cowgirls get the blues

Wednesday night. Feeling a little blue. Nothing I want to share, it's just there, a dull ache in the pit of my stomach. I shouldn't care, really, I shouldn't. I do, though.

In the old days - that would be last week - this kind of feeling would have driven me straight to a fast food place and an order of one of everything on the menu. Heck, the day I had at work today on its own would have done that last week. Know what? I'm not even thinking about it. What I'm thinking is that I'm really proud of myself for caring about me, for loving me, for putting myself and my well being ahead of the emotions. That my friends, is progress.

Today's celebration(s): no binges, cute new hairdo, and getting a few things off of my plate at work (finally).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a date with a subliminal self esteem tape and 30 minutes of relaxation.


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