Not in a creative mood

Thursday night. I'm feeling very uncreative right now, but I didn't want to skip a post and have people wondering where I'd gone. I'm still here, and I'm still doing well - truly - I'm just so burnt out on the grind at work that I am completely drained of creative, inventive thought. I hate the thought of doing "duty posts", but I hate the thought of not posting even more, so here I am. I'm fairly certain the zip will come back to my step at some point soon, though, so do not despair if this post doesn't meet your need for good, clean entertainment.

So, other than work, things are going well. I'm still keeping up my part of the 10% challenge, most strongly in the area of eating, but I'm making progress in several areas. For instance, I came a lot closer to 100 ounces of water today than I have all week (92 ounces). I'm not worried, though, because I know that it will all fall into place in its own time. Funny for someone as impatient as I am to hear myself saying that. Funnier still that I really believe it.

Only 10 days, 12 hours, 45 minutes until my plane leaves for vacation, not that I'm counting or anything. I truly, really, deeply cannot wait to be away. As I've told Tracy, who is the other half of my travelling team, it really wouldn't matter what we did for nine days, as long as I was away from work. It happens, however, that we've got quite the fun little trip put together. It's all about baseball and road trips and cities we'd never visit if they didn't have Major League Baseball ballparks. I'll post more details as it gets closer and you'll probably all have the same reaction as my mother did - "Cleveland? What on Earth are you girls going to do in Cleveland???" There's a method to our madness, I promise you. You'll see once the pictures start appearing.

Today's celebration is that I took a nap when I got home. I just love naps, don't you? There are probably other things to celebrate, too, I'm just too tired to think of them.

Be good to one another, won't you?


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