Upcoming milestone

Tuesday morning. I think something exciting is about to happen, possibly even today. I just looked at my sitemeter and it's at 9,910, which means that, either today or tomorrow, my little piece of the 'Net is going to turn over 10,000 visits. I truly can't believe that 10,000 people have read things that I have written - it just boggles my mind.

In celebration of this rite of passage, I'm making an offer: if you are visitor #10,000 and you send me a screen shot to verify that fact, I will write a story for you and post it here. Your email should contain the screen shot, your name (or pen name), and the first sentence for a 500 word story that I will write for you. To be safe, how about numbers 10,000 through 10,005 send me emails, in case someone is too shy (or uninterested) to let me know that they were the lucky(?) winner? Sounds like a deal to me.

And now, we send you back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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