What an interesting person I am!

Wednesday afternoon. I have blatantly ripped this off from Marla, so don't think I'm clever or anything of the kind.

Basically, what you do is type "yourname is" (where yourname should be replaced with, well, your own name) into Google and see what pops up.

Here are my results:

Denise is right (well, duh)

Denise is on TV (probably one of those Telenovelas on Spanish language TV)

Denise is looking for Deborah (yikes, I hope Deborah's not stranded somewhere because I'm not doing a very good job of looking)

Denise is not hunting and pecking but is bringing a bit of color to her office in October (um, actually, I did just change offices, but it's May, not October - as usual, I'm behind schedule)

Denise is currently the Chair for the American Indian Studies Program at UW-Green Bay and was awarded tenure and promoted to Associate Professor in 1998 (I knew my Liberal Arts degree would come in handy one day)

Denise is a hot phone sex slut (I hope my mother is not reading this!)

The real Denise is a juggler (If they're talking about priorities and demanding people, that's absolutely correct)

Denise is proud to announce that she has joined the PA Blasi team (if it pays lots of money, I'll be doubly proud)

Denise is so f***ing hot (well, thank you, I think)

Denise is an attorney specializing in appellate and intellectual property litigation (yes, but don't tell the California Bar Association or they'll be asking for money)


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