It's only lunch...

Thursday evening. Well, lunch went both better than I'd expected and not as well as I'd hoped. We weren't able to go to Sammy's, where I already knew what I could have and stay within my calorie limit, so we ended up at Trophy's Sports Cafe, where the low cal offerings are pretty sparse. I ordered a green salad with nonfat Ranch (bleah!) on the side, but I ate the croutons, and a 12" veggie pizza with lowfat cheese, but I ate seven of eight pieces. That's the not as well as I'd hoped part. The better than I'd expected part was that I still tried to make better choices and I did a lot better than I would have even a few weeks ago, when a setback like not being able to go to Sammy's would have given me "permission" to eat whatever I wanted at Trophy's because "there's no point in even trying now". Overall, I'm giving myself a B- for the meal. (Incidentally, I had the worst upset stomach after lunch, which makes me wonder about whether or not the cheese was really lowfat because something must have had major amounts of fat in it somewhere. Hmmm.)

Work is a whirlwind of meetings and email. I feel so non-productive and, truly, my unholy tendency toward procrastination does not help in this matter. In my first formal one on one meeting with my new boss/former peer, she mentioned this, along with a couple of my other less than positive qualities, and gave me some suggestions to help. I definitely feel a lot more motivated and energized to take care of things than I have in a long time. Note that this does not extend to cleaning the house.

In sort of a blah-ish mood, so I'll close. I think I need some sleep. I've been up late chatting with a new friend for the last week, and I think it's catching up to me. Sleep is good, especially when your mind is blissfully still and content.


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