Just another boring, on plan day

Wednesday. Today is my Thursday (the company's closed on Friday) just before my 17 day weekend. Yes, you read that correctly, I have 17 glorious days off! (Insert happy dance.) The bummer of it is that, because the entire company has a 10 day weekend (we're closed all next week, too), everyone and their brother is trying to cram all of their meetings in before the end of the day tomorrow. For most people I've spoken to, they officially ran out of unbooked time on Monday of this week and God help you if you need a conference room tomorrow, because the helpful folks at the Help Desk won't be able to. In any case, I got a lot done at work today, which makes a nice change, and I've got a conference call with the East Coast at 7am tomorrow, so things are just humming right along at VLSCI*.

As far as the Ten Percent Challenge goes, things are humming right along. Food right on target, water a wee bit low but still adequate for hydration, and, although I was mentally kicking and screaming before, during, and after, I just got back from another lovely 26 minute, 37 second walk. Bleah. Really. Don't. Like. Walking. Walking makes me feel slow, plodding, and ponderous. Jogging feels like I'm light, graceful, and quick, although I'm not a particularly fast runner. I think it was Meta who said that I needed to find a way to enjoy walking, to which I retort that I will only have to do it for another 25 weeks - less than six months now! - and I'm just gritting my teeth until New Year's when, with any luck, I'll be jogging 60 minutes straight and feeling like a gazelle.


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