One day down, the rest of my life to go

Sunday evening. Well, more than 24 hours since starting the new and (hopefully) improved Ten Percent Challenge, I'm feeling really good. I've been right on plan, including a 20 minute walk today, and it doesn't feel like the worst thing in the world, either.

Food - I've eaten all of my prepared meals except dinner tonight, which was a foot long turkey sandwich from Subway (no cheese, no mayo, no oil), and that fits into my caloric limit, so it's "legal".

Activity - Nothing yesterday (that will be my one day off) and a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood today. It didn't feel horrible, which is a good thing.

Water - OK, I did 64 ounces yesterday, and I'm on track for 96 ounces today, so I'm feeling pretty darned good. This one will be easier at work where I am constantly drinking water in meetings and at my desk. Besides, my new office is directly in front of the kitchen area where the drinking water dispenser is located. I am feeling a little water logged, but that's the way it always is for the first week of increasing my intake, so I'm not worried.

Today's celebration is that I'm actually doing this - taking care of myself both physically and spiritually. It's funny how much better I feel about myself when I'm eating properly and taking care of myself. Huh, can you imagine that?

As to focusing on the positive changes, I've really been pushing myself lately to acknowledge that it really does feel better, physically, to eat the things that I know are good for me as opposed to junk. Also, today while I was out walking, I felt a little self conscious about being outside walking - which is, to be honest, one of the biggest barriers to getting regular activity, because I'm afraid people will laugh and stare - and, instead of walking faster to "get it over with", I just reminded myself that this was something I was doing for myself, that if people were stupid enough to ridicule taking care of myself that was their problem, and then I just put my head up and strode purposefully along my way.

You know, I think I could get used to this.


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