This is what feeling good looks like

Friday (late) night. Nothing special to report, just another really good day of eating properly and taking care of myself. Nothing special. Amazing how quickly you can become accustomed to doing the right thing and how little I'm interested in straying from my plan. This feels so good.

My celebration for today is my relationship with my mother. In the past, we've had sort of a rocky go of things. We are not terribly similar, and I suppose every mother and daughter goes through some period of awkwardness, so it's not terribly unusual, but it was still something that nagged at me, because I knew that I should fix it but just couldn't figure out how. Today, we have a wonderful relationship, not so much a maternal relationship as a great friendship with someone I respect completely. We don't let a day pass without at least a short conversation, just to see how the other's day is going and to say "I love you". It feels so good to know that, now, if something awful were to happen, there would be no regrets for either of us. That is, truly, a gift from God, for which I am very grateful.

Oh yeah, by the way, I weigh less than 250 pounds. For the first time in about six months. I casually stepped on the scales this morning, hoping to see something like 255 or 256 and just about fell over when the scale showed "249.2" - wow! I'm still not using the scale to motivate myself and it still, honestly, is about my health, but it sure doesn't hurt to see that I'm doing something right.


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