Guess who's back?

Monday afternoon. Yes, it's me - the wandering vacationeer - back from my journeys. Many adventures were had, lots of relaxation, too, and now I'm here again and much the better for having gone.
I won't bore you with endless tales of the drives or hikes or other sightseeing-type activities, but I will say that I love the central western part of Colorado a lot and would love to visit there again, especially in the winter so that I can see all of those beautiful mountains covered in snow.
As I said I would, I didn't toss the TPS out on its ear for the week I was gone. I walked on the treadmill for an average of 33 minutes on seven of the eight days I was gone and also managed a few hikes in the heat, so that was a good thing. For my eating, I simply stuck to the principle that I should stop eating when my body was satisfied and not ever get uncomfortably full. At first, I still clung stubbornly to the idea that I "couldn't have" certain foods because they weren't on my diet. Then I remembered that I'm not on a diet and decided to be brave and order things that I really wanted. Do you remember what french fries taste like? How about cherry cobbler? I do because I had some of both of them while I was gone. I also had chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes one night but only enough to make me satisfied - no binges, no frenzied, mindless eating of "forbidden" foods. I was a little stressed out sometimes, thinking about what I was doing to my carefully crafted, meticulously structured (some might call it anal) plan, but I did it anyway.
I'm glad to tell you that Geneen Roth is right - you can trust your body and, if you really pay attention and don't let yourself zone out or try to cram every morsel of food into your body at once because you just know that you'll never get to have it again, you will lose weight. How do I know this? Because, over the last week, eating chicken fried steak, french fries, full fattening omelettes, cherry and berry cobbler, steak, and salads without the dressing on the side, I managed to lose 3.6 pounds. Yes, you read that correctly and yes, I did double check the number on the scale this morning. Stunned would be an understatement when used to describe how I felt as I beheld the results of my completely spontaneous, absolutely no restraint in what I ate eating for a week. (In case you're interested, I published links to several of Geneen's books in my entries from June 27th and 28th.) I will be picking up my healthy gourmet meals tonight after work, but it's really heartening to realize that I really can do this for the rest of my life and that I won't really eat the entire world if I allow myself to eat anything that my heart desires. Who knew?


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