My favorite deadly sin

Monday afternoon. Yes, I've turned into one big ball of Sloth since starting my vacation. OK, so I've gotten all of the laundry done, changed all the linens (curtains, bed skirt, duvet cover, sheets, throw pillows) in my bedroom over to the summer set, and washed the slipcover for the couch, but I am just not accomplishing nearly as much as I'd like. Today's excuse is that "nothing is open, so why bother". I'm actually not absolutely certain that the recycle center and Goodwill are closed today in observance of yesterday's holiday, but that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

One thing I've not been slacking on, however, is the TPC. I increased my walk time on Saturday, right on schedule, and even went out last night - TTOM cramps and general weepiness in tow. Unfortunately, I ran into some teenagers with an attitude (do they come any other way?) who forced me to alter my usual route, which irritated me because I was suddenly transported back to 1983 when I was a scared little teenager myself and constantly got picked on and teased by the popular kids. I'm 36, for pity's sake, and I'm not a defenseless kid now. Heck, I'm probably old enough to be their mother and I should have just walked right through their lazy little blocking-the-sidewalk-so-that-productive-members-of-society-can't-get-on-with-their-lives clique and briskly said, "excuse me" over my shoulder. I, essentially, did just that on the way out (I do an out and back walking route), but then, by the time I was on my way back, they'd lost all ability to support themselves in a standing position and were lying across the sidewalk. (Seriously. Lying across the sidewalk. Do you know what my mother would have done if she'd ever seen me doing that at their age? No? Neither do I, but I just know it wouldn't have been fun and my friends wouldn't have been happy, either.) I just decided not to fight it and took a little detour but it still irritates me to think that I let what other people - even punk kids - think of me make me feel badly about myself. Must work on that.

OK, just checked their websites and, apparently, both the recycle center and Goodwill are open today. Darn, no more excuses!

UPDATE: Shamed by my admission of abject laziness, I managed to separate my tushie from the comfy couch it's working on becoming one with this week and made it to the recycle center and Goodwill, plus, as a bonus, I put gas in the car. I rock!


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