Blogger goes on a binge eating frenzy

Sunday night. So, I wrote this wonderful post this morning, all about how tough it is for me to love myself because I've been conditioned that there's nothing worthy of loving, and...Blogger ate it! Grrr. I'm not re-creating it because I'm hoping the Blogger Help folks will know what happened and be able to retrieve it. If that doesn't happen, you'll just have to trust me when I tell you that it was heartfelt and wonderful.

Today was a great day. It's my dad's 61st birthday and we met at the Oceanside Harbor for Sunday brunch - nummy! I ate more than I should have and it was really good food. Tonight will be another hour walk which will not even come close to burning off all of the calories and that's OK. I might put my weighing and measuring - scheduled for Wednesday - off a week just to give this blob of food time to digest, but, then again, maybe I won't. It happened, it's over, might as well find out where I stand, huh?

Lots of laundry today because I haven't done any in almost two weeks. I don't know why I don't just do a load when I accumulate enough but I'd guess it has something to do with my natural tendency to procrastinate. I really need to work on that, don't I?

I bought my second charm for my weight loss bracelet today. For those that don't know (or have forgotten), I am putting together a 14K gold charm bracelet to represent my achievements in losing weight and gaining health. So far, I have the bracelet (1st ten pounds - 246) and one charm, a cherub holding onto a heart, to symbolize that this is about cultivating love for myself (2nd ten pounds - 236). The charm that I bought today is a little can of mustard seeds, with "If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you" imprinted on it, to remind me that I can move this mountain in front of me, no matter how insurmountable it looks. Last time I weighed, I was 229, so I'm only three pounds from my next charm and it seemed like as good a time as any to buy it so that I'm ready to attach it once 226 pops up on the scale. By the time I'm done, if all goes according to plan, I'll have a beautiful bracelet with 10 charms on it, a healthy body, and self-esteem to match.


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