Not as tough as you'd think

Monday morning. You know, I really need to be a lot more diligent about posting. How many times have I said that before? Really, truly, though, I know it's true and I also know that I do a lot better with my little "be healthier" efforts when I do, so I'm recommitting to posting once a day during the week and on at least one of the two weekend days, too. You don't have to believe me, I probably wouldn't at this point, either.

So, it turns out that my body didn't turn into a pillar of lard in the last three weeks nor did it forget how to walk for (semi) long periods of time. Friday night, thanks to a little promise I made a friend, I went for my first walk in nearly three weeks and it wasn't bad at all. I only walked for 25 minutes and I didn't push myself too hard but it didn't feel horrible and I felt a lot better afterwards. Coincidentally (or, perhaps not), I also picked up my healthy meals on Friday night and started right back in with them Saturday morning. Again, this was not nearly as bad as I'd feared it might be. I didn't have any nausea from the lower calories nor did I have any hypoglycemic episodes (always a real joy) and I'm already feeling a lot less blorky than I was when my eating was (sort of) out of control. (I qualify my out of control eating because it wasn't ever as bad as it has been in the past or could have been. Yes, I ate Mexican food but I only got a combo, not a combo, rolled tacos, and nachos. Yes, I ate a steak and cheese sandwich from Subway but I didn't get cookies and regular Doritos. I ate more than I should have but not as much as I could have. Got it?) In any case, rather than easing back into walking, which would have been the prudent course of action and, of course, was rejected out of hand, I decided just to catch back up with my walking program as though I hadn't skipped three weeks, so I walked 60 minutes both Saturday and Sunday and I didn't die. Saturday night after my walk my lower back was a little sore and last night about halfway through my walk my shins started to hurt but neither ache bothered me the next day and I didn't take anything for it, so I'm thinking that's a good sign.

I'd really like to thank everyone who took the time out of their day to write and tell me that I could do this and that it wasn't as bad as I thought - you were right and just knowing you were out there helped me tremendously. For Jeff, who I know will read this either tonight or tomorrow morning, thank you so much for your patience as I whined about how fat I felt and how I just knew I'd "broken" my ability to be healthy and that I was doomed to be fat and miserable for the rest of my life. You all helped me get off my keyster and get back on track (at least I hope I'm back) and I'm so very grateful for your support.

Oh and, by the way, 233.4 this morning, so only three pounds above where I was before I went to Portland - not too bad at all.


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