This and that

Wednesday afternoon. I had a good news/bad news experience this morning. I decided, on a whim, to try on an outfit that I'd bought at the Dana Buchman outlet last Christmas but have never been able to wear. The good news is that the adorable short sleeved sweater fits like a dream. The bad news it that the equally adorable jeans with coordinating piping have about 1-1/2 inches before they'll button. Darnit! They are size 22 and I'm still a 24 but the 24s are, for the most part, very loose, so I was hoping. In a wonderful compromise, I am wearing the sweater with a khaki skirt that fits quite well (it's actually a loose 24) and I think I look kind of spiffy, to be honest. It's not the perfectly coordinated outfit I would have liked but it's not too bad.

You know, one of the hardest things about restarting the Ten Percent Challenge is getting used to running back and forth to the bathroom all day. It wouldn't be so bad if the ladies' room weren't on a different floor. As it is, I hold it as long as possible and will probably be plagued with UTIs as a result. (Sorry, TMI.)

OK, I'd really like to post something more interesting for today but, alas, I'm not inspired and I want to go home so this will have to do.

Wait, wait, wait, I've thought of something. I think we ought to hold a get together weekend for all interested bloggers. I'll bet that if we had enough people interested I could get a good rate at one of the local hotels here in sunny San Diego. Actually, Shannin is the travel expert so she'd probably know better than I. Wouldn't it be fun, though, to see people you'd only read before? Possibly I am the only one enamored of this idea.


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