When is 60 minutes not just an hour?

Tuesday night. So, I went for another hour long walk tonight and, MAN, that's a really long walk, you know? I had some sharp pains in my right heel about halfway through which had me concerned (thanks, Meta!) but they went away pretty quickly so I pressed on. I'm not sure I like walking in the dark for an entire hour and I know that my fat inner child is not happy but hey, perhaps that's enough reason right there to keep on doing it.

The observant among you might have noticed that the post date for this isn't the same as the time it's actually going to post. I had every intention of completing this entry last night and then my bed reached out and literally dragged me to its evil clutches then didn't relinquish me until some time this morning. I guess that's another side effect of walking at a brisk pace for an hour.


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