As ye sow, so shall ye reap

Wednesday morning. Well, it's been a really lovely morning already. Since it's the first day of a new month, I took my official weight and measurements to find that I've lost a whopping 2.2 pounds in the last month, 0.9% body fat (that's not bad), and gained 3/4" around my waist and abdomen. I've walked when I haven't felt like it, I've skipped eating a lot of stuff I've really, really wanted and I gained inches around my middle??? I'm so freakin' sick of this stupid stomach I could just scream! Gooooooooooooooooo awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy stupid thing! Yes, I know that I ate too much at that buffet on Sunday and I had a bag of microwave popcorn on Monday and two homemade, nonfat muffins last night (100 calories each) but, surely, that's not enough to add almost an inch to my midsection, is it?

I'm so fed up with this whole game. Add activity, subtract food, pray, be pure of thought and deed and maybe, just maybe, you'll be rewarded with smaller numbers on the scale and the tape measure. However, do something - anything - to anger the weight loss powers that be and they'll knock you right back on your heels. Gah! I'm tired of it and I don't want to play anymore. You know, I think I could be really happy at this weight for a long time. How does that sound, stupid powers that be? Hmmm? What if I decided I'd had enough and wasn't going to play your stupid little games anymore? What then? Would you send plagues of locusts to my home?

I'm going to get my (fatter) self ready for work now. Demoralized, thy name is Denise.


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