Never underestimate the power of the polka dot flippy skirt!

Wednesday afternoon. Once again, I find myself inappropriately enamored of my outfit. I've received several compliments on my skirt and many raised eyebrows for my shoes (pale pink, chocolate brown, and ivory mules with a 3-1/2" heel). Ha! I love my outfit and I love it all the more because it's a size 22 instead of the size 26 I was wearing just 15 weeks ago. I know it's shallow and I know I shouldn't be focused on the outward, worldly manifestations of the work I'm doing but...shoot me, I'm human.

Tonight, it's off to the Goddess of Hair, Nicole. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my hair, although I love Ashley Judd's hair and am seriously thinking of going for something that will make use of all of the natural waviness of my hair. We shall see what transpires because Nicole nearly always has a good idea that I love.

Food and activity are going as planned. I even got up early this morning and did Leslie Sans0ne's 2 mile WATP tape because I knew I would be at the hair salon until 6pm and then be ravenous for dinner. My goodness, aren't we the athlete?


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