A new source of motivation!

Wednesday evening. Well, kids, it's time to clear the board and start a new game. I got an email today from my high school reunion committee and, although our reunion is 11 months away, our first event is in just over six weeks - homecoming! At this point, if I could make an appointment with the wonderful Extreme Makeover folks at ABC, I'd be there in a heartbeat. "Yes, I'd like lipo in my neck, upper arms, back, inner thighs, and, um, could you do a huge stomach-ectomy, too?" [Oh my gosh, I just visualized how much skin and other stuff they'd have to remove to do a tummy tuck on me right now - GACK!] In any case, that isn't going to happen. Equally unlikely is that I'll get picked to be on What Not to Wear, so I guess the hair extensions and complete new wardrobe won't happen, either.

Now, I know that some of you are thinking to yourselves, "Why would she care what a bunch of people she hasn't seen in 20 years think of her?" What you fail to understand is that these people - not all of them, but most - were incredibly mean to me in high school. I was the fat girl, at 5'3" and 125 pounds, and I had no style or money to buy anything decent even if I had known what that looked like. I had almost no dates although I had lots of school activities to keep me busy, so I wasn't just sitting at home all the time or anything. In any case, I know better than to hope that I can make some Cinderella-like entrance where everyone gasps and says, "Wow, we totally misjudged her when we were kids, look how cool she is now," I just want not to be the butt of all of the jokes and cruel stares again. My original plan, before I heard about the homecoming game, was to be svelte and bring one of the totally hunky guys from my team as my (platonic) escort for the official reunion next August, and that's still on track, but now the question becomes, how much weight can I lose in the next six or so weeks? I mean, I know there's no way I won't be fat - probably the fattest girl there - but if I'm on a major losing (weight) streak and well into my walk to jog program, hopefully, I'll be more confident and less likely to feel like the Goodyear blimp surrounded by beauty queens and movie star hunks.

God, I hate being from southern California sometimes!!!


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