Of all the places to find jeans that fit

Sunday night. My quest for a pair of jeans has ended in the most unlikely of places: WalMart. Yes, really. I've tried jeans from Old Navy, Lane Bryant, and Just My Size and, when the waist fits, the hips and legs are laughably huge. I had nearly given up being able to wear jeans until I reach "normal" sizes until today. I found three pairs of jeans at WalMart which, although a wee bit tight around the waist, fit like a dream in the hips and legs. WooHoo. Casual clothes, here I come!

Yesterday, I ordered four Leslie Sans0ne walking DVDs and videos. Two are DVDs, including the four mile power walk, and two are videos (Walk and Kick - kickboxing plus walking, and Walk and Jog - two minute jogging sessions interspersed with her usual walking routine). The DVDs are primarily for when I'm on the road and the gym doesn't open early enough or stay open late enough for me to be able to get a workout in. The videos are to enable me to expand my repertoire of non-walking activities for every other day. I am actually attributing some of my recent loss around the waist to my new routine of alternating 60 minutes of walking one day with the three mile Walk Away the Pounds video the next. If you've never done one of her workouts, you're probably thinking I'm crazy but, I kid you not, they are tougher than they look, especially with three pound weights. In any case, it seems to be working for me and I'm going to keep it up, even once I start my 13-week walk to jog program. (I was scheduled to start tomorrow, but I'm thinking of putting it off until I reach 220, just to make it a little easier on my poor knees. It's only 4.4 pounds, so it should be a few more weeks.)

By the way, today was a really spectacular day. No particular reason, just an overall wonderful day to be alive and living in Paradise.


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