On strike

Tuesday afternoon. No more. NO. MORE. I have had it with everything and everyone today. (Oh, by the way, confidential to the product manager who scheduled their release on a date that is so completely nonsensical: No, I still don't have any more information about when those components will be ready to go!!!) It has been one crisis after another all day here, from the moment I walked through the door and continuing to this very moment. I'm actually on a conference call/meeting while I'm writing and this writing is what is keeping me from taking myself off of mute (thank God for mute!) and screaming something wholly inappropriate into my speakerphone.

I am, in all seriousness, tired of being a grown up. Children (and infantile adults) are allowed to have hissy fits and tantrums and that's what I'm ready for right now. One more thing and I just might forget that I'm a manager and an adult! I've got two employees out, 75 pieces of work in for update, one very high profile product waiting on my "okey dokey" before it can release, and another one which is approaching critical mass, and I very seriously don't want to play.


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