An open letter to myself

Tuesday evening. Well, it's not TTOM or even TWBTTOM, but something's got me all introspective and mopey and I'm fed up with it! Yes, this whole being healthy thing is a lot of work and no, it's not easy but is it worth the discomfort? Heck, yes! If I don't do this, will I die prematurely and in terrible pain? Without a doubt. This isn't optional, Denise, and it's time you got used to that fact and stopped whining, complaining, and trying to burrow your way out. This is your life. Forever. This is what eating is going to look like forever. You will never be able to live a disgustingly sedentary lifestyle again. Never. Get over it and get ready for the exciting, active life you're going to have once you've got some more weight off. Heck, look at the changes you've already made. You've got an interview on Thursday evening with Voices for Children in hopes of becoming an advocate for a child in crisis - you would never have done that a year ago or even six months ago. You are signed up to do the City to the Sea 5K as part of a birthday celebration trip to San Luis Obispo, rather than just eating and drinking your way through the weekend - this is progress, girlfriend! This journey is about more than just taking weight off, it's about health - mental, emotional, and physical - and taking charge of your life, rather than drifting through and numbing the pain with food and you're doing it. Stop fighting, stop asking "why me?", and start enjoying the changes.



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